Employer Resource Connection Consultant - Contracted Position
Title:Employer Resource Connection Consultant - Contracted Position
Location:Curry County
Salary Range:$20-$30/hr
Job Category:Personal Services Contract
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Meets Agency Mission by helping consumers of in-home services, through the Employer Resource Connection program become effective employers of in-home care workers, thereby helping to ensure quality home care services for seniors and people with disabilities.

Promotes the Employer Resource Connection program by: thoroughly understanding the program objectives, values and benefits; developing and conducting outreach to the community, possible participants and others that can provide referrals to program. Outreach activities include but are not limited to in-services, community events, mailings and social media. Abilities, skills and knowledge required: experience working with seniors and people with disabilities and the issues experienced by these populations (social, physical, care, etc.); knowledge of in-home services, including the role of the Home Care Worker, the Home Care Commission and the client employer; understanding of the role of individual’s preferences in care success; knowledge of the Employer Resource Connection program, including purpose, objectives and eligibility requirements; preparation of materials for and conducting public speaking.

Determines the need and appropriateness of Consumer-Employer Training participation by: gathering information from program referrals; conduct a Planning Interview to assess and determine their ability to manage a Home Care Worker (which may include gathering appropriate information from others involved, such as family, representative, Case Manager, Protective Services Worker) and identifying any barriers to effectively managing a Home Care Worker. Abilities, skills and knowledge required: ability to interview others, observe and assess situations accurately; ability to learn software and programs related to assessment and plan development; working in a team setting to achieve positive outcomes.

Develops and implements a Plan for Consumer-Employer Training Services by: collaborating with Case Manager, representative (when applicable) and others in developing a plan that honors the participant’s choice of services, desired location, etc., while addressing identified barriers in managing a Home Care Worker; providing services as agreed upon by participant or representative; providing follow-up and monitoring for participants with complex service plans to prevent in-home service plan failure; working with Case Manager in monitoring and evaluating changes in needs and services. Abilities, skills and knowledge required: ability to prepare effective plan and facilitate agreement between those involved; available community resources and parameters for populations served.

Supports participants’ success with program and in-home services by: providing group and individual training on hiring a Homecare Worker, such as: creating an appropriate Homecare Worker job description, developing a selection process, interviewing, and conducting reference checks; providing training and education in a variety of employer/employee relationship matters, such as: supervising, training, communication and problem-solving, time keeping, record keeping, monitoring of performance, and discharging unsatisfactory employees.  Abilities, skills and knowledge required: developing and conducting training.

Promotes ADRC concept, services and specifically Employer Resource Connection Program by: maintaining knowledge of program, rules pertaining to in-home services, the role of choice in providing services; consulting with colleagues, community partners and resourcing electronic and written materials about resources and current issues, trends and tools available; building relationships with community partners, participating in networking, sourcing outreach opportunities; participating in technical activities, video and phone conferences, etc. provided by the Home Care Commission. Abilities, skills and knowledge required: understanding of ADRC and Employer Resource Connection program; ability to source information regarding available services; ability to build relationships and network; continuous learning about issues and solutions for seniors and people with disabilities.

Facilitates confidence in Employer Resource Connection Consultant and therefore the Agency and program by: embracing and exhibiting the Agency Mission and Core Values.  Providing excellent customer service, meeting the needs of clients, following through, meeting deadlines, interacting with clients in a respectful and culturally appropriate manner, and maintaining skills and knowledge to perform duties. Providing suggestions for improvement.  Abilities, skills and knowledge required:  good interpersonal skills, interacting in respectful and culturally appropriate way; work effectively with a wide variety of individuals and small groups; present information; exhibit good judgment; speak, read, write and understand English; and follow verbal and written instruction.

Protects clients and reduces Agency risk by:  following policies, regulations and requirements of program and Agency; documenting on an accurate and timely basis as required by Federal, State, funding regulations, and Agency policy; compiling accurate data and preparing reports on outreach activities, referrals, Planning Interviews, Plans, etc; serving as a Mandatory Reporter of suspected abuse of vulnerable populations according as required by policy and regulation. Maintaining and sharing information according to privacy regulations. Abilities, skills and knowledge required:  knowledge of rules around documentation and mandatory reporting. 

Provides excellent customer service in a professional manner by: applying the required knowledge and skills; exhibiting good decision making; exhibiting problem solving; meeting quality standards in accuracy and timeliness; exhibiting good work habits; following policy and procedure; working independently, seeking and offering assistance when needed; exhibiting technology skills related to the work needing to be done, (word processing, spreadsheets, database, internet research, mail, IM, phones, copiers, assessment programs like CAPS, Oregon ACCESS, etc.); exhibiting a positive attitude towards clients, co-workers and others.

Any equivalent combination of education and experience, which demonstrates the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to perform the job will be considered; however, the following is preferred:
• Bachelor’s degree in social sciences or related field
• Two years of social services experience, working in a similar capacity with similar populations.
• Experience in developing and conducting training. 
• Ability to secure and maintain a driver’s license valid in the state of Oregon, or an acceptable alternative means of transportation.
• Successful completion of a background check. (required)
South Coast Business Employment Corporation (SCBEC) was incorporated in 1982 under IRS code 501(c)(3) private nonprofit and currently serves Coos, Curry, Douglas, Marion & Yamhill counties in Oregon.   Our Vision: Thriving people living in vibrant communities.

  • Equal Opportunity Employer
  • This position/project is funded by Medicaid/Title XIX. 

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